Global ERP Solutions
Global ERP Solutions Established in 1998, is the leading provider of enterprise planning and integration, business intelligence, data mining and BPO Company.

Customers use Global ERP's business intelligence software and solutions for decision support, data mining, balanced scorecards, and reporting from CRM, SCM and multiple ERP data sources.
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Data Mining / Data Warehousing
Forward-thinking companies today are using data mining to reduce fraud, anticipate resource demand, increase acquisition and curb customer attrition.  more
Seek and retain your most profitable customers. Use demographic data and customer buying patterns to develop lifelong relationships with your customers, anticipating and fulfilling their needs.
Medical Transcription
With 2 facilities to provide medical transcription in Hyderabad, Unifords is ideally suited for outsourcing all your medical transcription.  more
A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with USA and other major markets for IT & IT-enabled Services, enabling delivery at day times.
Developed expertise in SAP and the capability to offer end to end SAP services
Tibco - EAI Tools
Today's competitive scenario dictates unified view of the ustomers, channel partners,
RFID Technology
No RFID solution is possible without first understanding more
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